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hey guys…

i guess i might as well get in on this because i just wanted to help out other’s who’ve had their gifs and stuff stolen.

Here’s one of my most popular gifs


People have reposted this one multiple times, and i guess it’s my fault for not watermarking it like i do now.

A few weeks ago it showed up on my dash, but with about 7000 notes instead of 3000 like the original has now.

The original posted in october: image

The repost (note the source, not the reblogger):


And as further proof that the gif is mine, this is the official DisneyParks video I made it from (go to 0:49).

The timestamp for the original picture is October 18th, 2012. This is the original gif saved on my computer with the timestamp October 18th 2012.


and another picture


I hope this helps people out when writing up Staff reports and such. ^^

EDIT: is the permalink. It worked when i wrote disneyfansonly an email asking him to source the picture, but now it has been taken down as shown below:

And this is the email i wrote him on April 17th, 2013 after noticing the video on my dashboard. (see top right corner for the date)

Please spread this around if you think it will help. :)

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